Again Wedding bells in Ambani House: Akash Ambani Wedding Card


It’s thoroughly true!!! you have heard right News, Once Again Wedding bells are ringing in Ambani House, Akash Ambani Wedding Card has just released! Akash Ambani, an obedient son of Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries Chairman) and Shloka Mehta, the darling daughter of Russell Mehta and Mona Mehta, will be getting wedded on the month of March 2019. The official invitation of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s wedding has been released.

Well, The wedding card isn’t looking less than a treasure box. Creators of the wedding card have taken much of the time to make such an extraordinary wedding card. Ambani Family is known for its diverse resembles as they always Do everything in the manner that everyone got shocked. The box of delight, Packaged wonderfully inside a box the size of a board ruse with a vivid whirling disc that ignites with a sparkle of light along with that there’s a beautiful picture of the Lord of Love Krishna and Radha which shows their pure belief in God. This is a Unique invitation for a much-awaited union of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta. A video gave a first glimpse at the wedding invite, the first of which was offered at Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak temple. Recently, a clip of their wedding card got viral on social’s a keen flash of Akash and Shloka’s wedding card….

Discussing about the box of joy- The wedding card, it’s such a creating that blow your mind but I must say, Even if getting this much success and pride, Mukesh and Nita have deep believed in God, we can see their belief in the God by seeing representation of the wedding invitation, each page is having deep meaning in with it represented by Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha.

After opening the beautiful box pleasure, the invitee gets a lovely portrait of Lord Krishna and Radhaji wrapped in the silver-plated frame to show their Hospitality and token of love to their requested guests.

After the beautiful portrait, the Actual wedding card takes place. The wedding card is so elegant and classy that anyone could fall in love with. Well, the wedding card is as impressive as while opening it, it just pop-ups with a wondrous animated character of Radhe-Krishna. The invitation is orange in its color, it begins with a note, which pursues blessings for to-be bride and groom, Shloka and Akash.

After the blissful note of Nita and Mukesh, The next pages hold little cards with details about the several events-Rasams planned for the wedding. The note for each Rasam is followed by a pop-up card on the other side of the page, which opens up to either Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesh.

This card has given very deep and classy effect on guests minds that we could not even imagine such an invitation like this. By Sources, We came to know that the cost of the card is half of his sister Isha’s Wedding card.

Well, the wedding ceremony is starting on the 9th of March. It will happen at the Jio World Centre at Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex. The wedding reception, which will wrap up the entire tradition, will be held on the 11th of March.

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