Ayushmann Khurrana Man Company Poem: Won Everyone’s Heart.


Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana Man Company Poem: Won Everyone’s Heart, actor’s new poem has made fans go gaga. Ahead of International Men’s Day on 19 November, Ayushmann Khurrana has dismantled the poem associated with ‘being a man’. The stereotyping by the actor was delivered at the men’s grooming company, the Man Company. Actor’s poem talks about what kind of man he wanted to be, the performance and the video that went viral won thousands of hearts of the internet, and fans are praise the actor and his poetry.

“Bala” actor Ayushmann has completed changed the notion that what makes a quintessential Bollywood hero. He has delivered a powerful speech on what makes a true gentleman recently. It wasn’t the role of onscreen in which the actor can be seen delivering the thought-provoking speech on what makes a gentle and perfect man. Ayushmann shared the same video on his social media account, in the video he can be seen denounced common stereotypes associated with masculinity.

Everyone knows that Ayushmann Khurrana’s most of the movies always revolve around a less and new talked about topic. However, the actor is not just limited to delivering excellent movies but he is also popular for writing poetry regularly. And this time Ayushmann has performed a stereotyping spoken word discussing on a hot topic, ‘What makes a true gentleman?’

In his poetry, Ayushmann also talks about how the best quality of a man has been proved true to him. Talking about homosexuality in his speech the actor said that it does not matter at all whether the man is straight or not, or belongs to which caste or religion, a true man never discriminates.

The speech also contains some of the lines like, “a man can be like anything, pink and Pink Floyd” and “it matters very least whether your sleeping on a carpet or walking on the red carpet, you are one of the most powerful as they always try to find a gentleman in you.”

On the work front, Ayushmann’s latest movie “Bala” which was recently released on 8 November has become one of the highest hits of the Bollywood. As per the sources, it has collected more than Rs 43.95 crore in just three days since its release. It has noticed a great run at the box office and has earned Rs 50 crores in four days.

The entire poetry which the actor delivers has a beautiful message on ‘What makes a true gentleman’, Watch the video here to have a quick glance for it.

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