Bollywood Celebs Over Game Of Thrones


Bollywood movies have always been a craze since its inception and it would not deteriorate in any sense. But along with Bollywood, TV series and web series are also following the same path and are managing to earn the audience. A lot many people follow their favorite series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and many more but the most watched HBO’s fantasy drama series Game Of Thrones has captured millions of hearts worldwide including Bollywood celebrities. Game Of Thrones on the mind, Bollywood celebs shared their excitement over most awaited.
Game Of Thrones is a series in which nine noble families wage war against each other for a single throne of Westeros. The series becomes very addictive once it gets started and the same has happened with Bollywood celebs. Some of them have shown their excitement towards the news of the release of last and final season of Game Of Thrones.
The Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif opens up on social media saying that she is a huge fan of Game Of Thrones and confesses her love for Jon Snow (leading actor of the series). Recently, she posted her photo on Instagram dressed in a fashion that resembled Dothrakis with a caption expressing that she wants to be a part of Game Of Thrones series.



Bhumi Pednekar also expressed her excitement for the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones. She recently took her social media handle to show her excitement. The actress while expressing her love for the character of mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, said that she herself is the daughter of the dragon.


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I am the dragon’s daughter – Daenerys Targaryen 🐉 #Mood . . . #goodmorning #tuesday #gameofthrones #waiting

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Other film stars like Amitabh Bachchan who expressed his view recently during the Time Magazine report, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan who during the seventh season of Game Of Thrones expressed their emotions when one of the characters died and Hrithik Roshan who got inspired by a scene from Game Of Thrones recreated the same scene in his movie Mohenjo Daro.
The upcoming season of Game Of Thrones is releasing on April 14 and the fans of GOT would finally find out the ruler of the throne of Westeros.

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