Bollywood Divas, Successful Business in 40s


Bollywood divas are coming out as businesswomen and entrepreneurs. They are getting widely known for their unique business fields. Some of the names have crossed even 40s and still actively running a business. These names are not usual now for the silver screen but they are able to make the headlines till the date. They are being noticed among successful Bollywood personalities running their own successful businesses as well. Check out the list to know the names of beauties with business brains!

  • Madhuri Dixit

    Dance With Madhuri is an online venture of Madhuri Dixit where her fans can learn some of the famous dance numbers of her. Commenting on her venture Madhuri said, “Dancing has always been my passion and as I see it, there should be no age, gender or geographical barriers to learn dance.” Madhuri`s words are a true inspiration for all the 40`s women out there. Her online dance academy is accessible across every handheld devices where the fans can simply login with any social media account to enjoy learning dance with Madhuri!

  • Sushmita Sen

    Entertainment, jewelry, food this might be only a few fields for Shushmita Sen to operate the business. She has proven her skills on the silver screen and in business as well. Sushmita is running Tantra Entertainment, an event management company. This former Miss World is having her own jewelry shop in Dubai operated by her mother. She had a restaurant named ‘Bangali Mashi’s Kitchen’ in Mumbai. So many business fields to handle but Shushmita is all rounding it seamlessly.

  • Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora & Bipasha Basu

    Have you ever shopped clothes online from The Label Life? The label life is an online clothing venture where you can get trendy outfits styled by Bollywood divas. Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora & Bipasha Basu together are inspiring the modern clothing designs. If you are looking for something new and fresh, The Label Life might satisfy you with the closely edited designs by divas. Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora & Bipasha Basu are the stunning style editors of The Label Life.

  • Preity Zinta

    Preity Zinta is co-owner of Kings XI Punjab, an IPL cricket team. Although she is living in New York with her husband but often turns up for her team matches. The business skills of her is a combo of her glamour and interest in sports. We can not expect such extraordinary skills from an ordinary mind like an idea to invest in a sports team. Only a business-oriented mind can achieve that. Being a sport she also cares for her health and inspiring others to stay fit with her fitness posts.

  • Tara Sharma

    Do you remember Tara Sharma? Of course, you do right? The reason behind not to forget Tara`s face is her activeness on silver and telly screens. We could see her in advertisements and movies till this day. The density of her movies is surely decreased but she has covered it up with her business-oriented mind. She is running her own Tara Sharma show and also owns its website where she is talking with celebs to bring the light of positivity in the darkened corners of lives. Fitness inspiring videos of her are making so many people fit.

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