Cannes 2020: Not Going To Take Place This Summer.


Coronavirus outbreak has affected many lives across the world and has also affected almost all industries around the globe. Many events were due to come got affected due to COVID-19 because relatively more restrictions are imposed as far as huge gatherings and meeting several people are concerned. Due to the restrictions, theme parks and whole sports league around the world is on halt and have paused their operations to mitigate the spread of novel coronavirus. Cannes Film Festival 2020 is not going to happen this summer because of the restrictions implied. An official statement by the team has been released regarding the 73rd Cannes Film Festival.

The statement reads, “We acknowledge that the postponement of 73rd International Cannes Film Festival, initially considered for end June to the beginning of July, is no longer an option”. The team’s statement also called the event Cannes Film Festival as the essential pillar of the film industry in the world, and thus it aims to explore all contingencies allowing to support the year of Cinema and making the event Cannes 2020 the real in one way or the other.

Along with the Cannes 2020 event, many film industry events are facing issues

With the International Cannes Film Festival, many major film industry events are doing the same troubleshooting exercise. They are struggling right now to strategize non-traditional ways of exhibiting new movies. Amazon has presented an offer to launch a film festival collection for the movie titles that would have played at South by Southwest (SXSW), which is an annual conglomeration of parallel film, music festivals, conferences, and interactive media. In these ten days, participating filmmakers could offer up their movies to stream on Amazon Prime, but anything in the film festival collection would have to be sanctioned by the film teams.

Other events like the Tribeca Film Festival and movie shoots have been postponed indefinitely. With the rise in cases of COVID-19, this is the most sensible thing to do. The entire entertainment industry, including the film industry, has come to a halt and remains uncertain for now.

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