“Don’t Forget Your Roots “, Kareena Advised to Priyanka Read More to Know Why?


Karan Johar is popular for stirring the atmosphere of Hindi film industry through his very own celebrity talk show, Koffee With Karan. However, the show has achieved immense popularity and many actors and directors have graced the couch of Karan’s show. With its six seasons and still counting, the latest episode of Koffee With Karan was worth a watch. As “Don’t Forget Your Roots “, Kareena Advised to Priyanka Read More to Know Why.

On the season finale episode of Koffee With Karan season 6, the ultimate divas of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Kareena Kapoor Khan stirred the things and has shown their friendly side with each other on the couch. Being an enemy of each other for a long time, these actresses have left audiences in aw with their friendly approach and attitude towards each other. During the initial phase of their career, both were involved in serious Kat fight and who else was there to enjoy their fight? Karan of course. Known as the ultimate gossipmonger of the Bollywood, in the previous seasons of Koffee With Karan, Karan had asked questions about Kareena and Priyanka to respective and the replies were quite controversial.
However, leaving their past far behind, the actresses have moved on and now apparently they have become very good friends as we know through the KWK latest episode. Karan involved both of them in the talks of their respective marriages and Ex-es. Also, Karan alleged Kareena to be the ultimate gossipmonger and stalker of B-town celebs.

However, Priyanka replied she liked the gups(Gossips) but is most of the time clueless and doesn’t know much. Also, Karan revealed that Kareena do hold social media accounts but she doesn’t use her real name and is not officially on any of the social media platforms, but is the “Jagga Jasoos”(Detective) of Bollywood as she stalks every celebrities’ account and gathers their updates. But Kareena denied it and said that Karan is the one who feeds her hunger for gossip and he is the ultimate gossipmonger of them all. When asked for the baby doll made of Taimur, Kareena replied the doll looks more like “Chucky the doll” than of Taimur. And she doesn’t find any similarity between Taimur and the Taimur doll.


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Continuing with the topic, Karan asked Priyanka if she knows and receives any updates of such Bollywood gossips. To this, the actress replied she doesn’t know much but the hottest topics she knows about. Hence, Karan inquired her further if she knows who Varun Dhawan is dating. (Natasha Dalal. Everyone knows!! ) And the actress was absolutely clueless!! Karan gave her a chance to redeem herself by asking whom Tiger Shroff was dating. But the actress couldn’t remember the name of the person whom Tiger is dating. (Disha Patni is the alleged actress dating Tiger.) And Kareena and Karan burst into laughter and Kareena told her, “Don’t Forget Your Roots”. Also, she added that now that she is acting in Hollywood, so, she is supposed to know only about the Hollywood actors?

The Rapid Fire round was also full of fire as both tried their best to win the very famous Koffee Hamper. Also, Kareena joked that she will let Priyanka get the hamper as her wedding gift from the actress. And ultimately, after a tiebreaker question, Priyanka won the Koffee Hamper!! Karan also gave Kareena a chance to redeem herself by playing the Koffee quiz over the play area.

The quiz initially included the questions related to their better halves, who knows better about them. Here, Priyanka also faced a hilarious moment when she didn’t know what was the first album by Jonas Brothers named. To which Kareena asked why she didn’t know that and Priyanka said that she didn’t google him before she got married to him!!! Well, the episode was sure full of controversies and was a delight for the ultimate gossipmongers of Bollywood celebs.

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