Don’t Make It Sound Like I Have a Disease: Karan Johar on Sexuality


Recently Karan Johar was invited on a chat show ‘Pinch’ which is hosted by Arbaaz Khan. In the chat show, the director was asked to comment on how people react to homosexuals in the country. Karan politely replied that it doesn’t trouble him when people want to know about his sexual orientation but it matters for him when the people mock homosexuals and treat homosexuality as a sickness. Karan Johar further said on Sexuality, “Don’t make it sound like I have a disease”.

Karan Johar who was quite an intrepid host on Koffee With Karan found himself on the hot seat on the chat show Pinch which is hosted by Arbaaz Khan’s on the web. As per the concept of the web show, Karan has to read and responded to mean tweets. Among the very first questions that the filmmaker took was on his sexuality.

Karan read the very first question of the user which was “Did you have a gender malfunction?”. To which Karan replied that “No. he was born a man and he is proud to be a man and further added that he has a woman in himself that makes him more of a man.” The same was followed by more mean tweets in the vein. Taking them into the consideration Karan said that, “Initially when he used to get online abuse he used to deal with it by being upset and being angry but then he got into the state of indifference and now he is in a state of glorious amusement.”

Karan further said that “You can talk about me but don’t make it sound like I have a disease, or make me feel that something is wrong with me and I should shut up because you think I am gay”. He added that “People you should shut up because they have no life. That’s the way he looks at it”.

After that Arbaaz asked who would Karan Johar follow, unfollow and block on social media. To which KJo replied that “He will block Ranbir Kapoor as he is not on social media. So, he can block him. KJo will unfollow Varun Dhawan, because he always follows him all the time in life, anyway. He very knows all the moves of Varun in a similar way Varun knows mine. Varan and KJo are in touch with each other all the time. And at last, the filmmaker added that he will follow Sidharth Malhotra”.

On being asked by Arbaaz Khan about what actually pinches him the most, Karan said that it’s when people comment on his babies. He said that he is little sensitive about his babies and when they start saying things about them, that really bothers him. Among many weird questions, one of the users asked the filmmaker about how could he give the child the “love of a mother.”? To this, KJo replied, “It’s a new age. How does the user know that he don’t have a mother and a father in himself and further said that he can give the child the love of both parents.”

The Bollywood producer Karan Johar opened up on his sexual orientation in his autobiography “An unsuitable boy,”. which has become the subject to trolls and abuses for years.

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