Here is All About Gully Boy Screening and Review


Here is all about Gully boy screening and review, critics and fans are praising it. One of the most awaited movie of this year, Gully Boy, directed by Zoya Akhtar hit the screens on the Valentine day, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this film has been one of the most anticipated ones. The reviews of all the fans were unanimously positive. The premiere of Gully Boy was held at the Berlin Film Festival and all the first reactions are turning out to be fantastic. This movie on India’s street rap culture has found a large audience beyond the country too.

This musical drama is based on the life of street rappers Divine and Naezy which has been released on 4101 screens worldwide including 3350 screens in India. The film tells the story of Murad a young Muslim rapper raised in the slums of Dharavi and his feisty girlfriend Safeena who is the medical student. Murad firmly believes that you need to change your reality to match your dreams and not the other way round, like his father Vijay Raaz who was the advocates.

The music of Gully Boy has been making waves ever since its release as the 19-track album brings together over 54 artists which elevate the film to another level. The music of the movie is refreshing with a well-curated mix of underground rappers. All the fans can’t stop themselves to tap their feet and groove to the hip-hop beats as the film effectively uses it as a cushion. The performance of all the actors met with a packed house and loud applause especially of Ranveer who leads the film and raps his soul out whenever he gets the chance.

The film takes its own sweet time to establish the story interesting and when it does they’re too little to bask in the glory of. The film ends on an abrupt note that It catapults its underdog to the big stage but doesn’t let the viewer soak it in. The movie is about 2 hours and 40 minutes and after viewing it once you will definitely wish to see it again. Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra gave their honest opinion about the film.

Recently Ranveer Singh saw tremendous success with Rohit Shetty’s Simmba and with Gully Boy, the actor is on his way to prove once again that being versatile with his film choices is the key to his success.

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