Hrithik Roshan To Support Paparazzi In This Pandemic


With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the functioning of businesses all over the world has come to a halt. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on April 14, 2020, came up to address the nation and announced a further nationwide lockdown till May 3. With the entire country coming being standstill due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, there are professionals and salaried workers whose livelihood has been affected. In this distressing situation for the workers and professionals, Bollywood’s Greek God, Hrithik Roshan, has stepped forward to help them.

Hrithik gave financial support to the paparazzi of Bollywood, which includes the media, the photographers, and their team who are facing the brunt of the lockdown. Celebrity photographers like Manav Manglani and Viral Bhayani have thanked Hrithik Roshan for helping the photographers of Bollywood amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Manav Manglani posted Hrithik’s photo, and he captioned the post saying, “Dil Se thanks to Hrithik for his kind gesture of depositing money in my photographer team’s accounts during these tough times.” He continued saying that he has paid them the salary on time, but he appreciates the help provided by Hrithik.

Viral Bhayani also posted Hrithik’s photo and captioned the post saying that the entire world is facing problems, and there is an issue of a downturn due to salary cuts, jobs at stake, and the media houses are shutting down. He added, saying that he has a vast team that captures the celebrities, but due to the crisis, his only source of income has stopped, and even 25 families that are dependent on him are also suffering. He thanked Hrithik further in the caption, saying that in the dire situation, Hrithik has come forward to help the paparazzi, and he is grateful for the gesture.


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The entire world is right now in crisis, there was already the issue of downturn due to which there were salary cuts, jobs were at stake and media houses were shutting down. Now with this virus it has devastated all of us. I have a huge team on the ground which works tirelessly to capture the celebrities. But now with this crisis my only source income has stopped and it has become extremely difficult to keep my family as well as 15 plus families who were all supported on the income I generated through subscription of my pictures and the paid posts of my Instagram. In such dire straits actor Hrithik Roshan on his own came forward and supported the paps who hail from lower middle class families. I’m really grateful to Hrithik for helping us in our crisis time. Many other actors have come forward and supported the film industry, but since we do not belong to any film association or trade union – we could not get the benefit which many other leading actors have come forward and announced. 🙏 #hrithikroshan

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Not just helping the paparazzi, Hrithik has also contributed and donated at different places during the pandemic

Earlier, Hrithik also supported the TV and Cine artists along with their families whose income has been hit because the film industry and the shoots have come to a halt. He donated 25 lakh to CINTAA to help 4000 daily wage earners. This has not been the only contribution by Hrithik. Time and again, he has taken essential efforts and extended support. The War actor, along with an NGO, provided 1.2 lakh meals to daily wage earners and also procured N95 and FFP3 masks for caretakers and municipal workers in Mumbai.

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