Movie Review: John Abraham’s Film Raw Got a Raw Deal from Critics!


Movies that deal with patriotism and spying theme has done well in past years and therefore, producers are motivated to continue making such films. If the protagonist comes out to be John Abraham, producers would undoubtedly risk making films that carry a theme of patriotism because John Abraham has made his name in such films and has given a good shot.

But the makers of the film needs to understand that just adding Indian tricolor and patriotic songs do not attract the viewers, a basic requirement of a movie is its story that gives justice to the patriotic theme. RAW has a patriotic genre which includes psychological drama in it that understands the emotional upheaval of unsung heroes (spies). The story does not hold its genre very well which leads to the failure of viewers’ attention.

The script might have looked interesting on paper but it proved to be a drab movie with a sluggish pace. The movie had many controversial scenes like spies discussing confidential information of Research and Analyst wing (RAW) openly, the protagonist kissing an Indian girl on the streets of Karachi wherein the scene he had to show that he was Pakistani.

On a positive side, the performances of the actors, John Abraham, Jackie Shroff, Sikander Kher, and Mouni Roy seemed good where Jackie Shroff’s sense of style stands out amongst all. The movie is set in 1971 and therefore the background looks good where Pakistani Intelligence for once looks efficient.

Overall the movie is a slow-paced movie that tests the viewers’ patience with no thrill leading itself a boring one. The movie has a strong storyline but again the edges should be polished to make it an interesting one. The opening of the movie raised the bars but as it moved forward, the guilt portion was strong. It surely is ‘raw’ which needs to be cooked with a touch of spice.

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