Kangana Ranaut’s “Mental Hai Kya” Poster out and Movie title already in controversy


Why filmmakers create controversies? Do controversies help the movie or hurt it? A movie that encourages people to make their own judgments would probably be a good movie, this is a perspective of viewers. There is always an allurement for audiences to ‘see it for themselves’. Therefore the movie goes in financial success. When it comes to controversies, Kangana Ranaut would not step behind. She has always been a favorite child of controversies. Manikarnika’s protagonist, Kangana comes up with her upcoming movie, Mental Hai Kya. Kangana got caught in a controversy with the first poster of Mental Hai Kya. Kangana Ranaut’s “Mental Hai Kya” Poster out and Movie title already in controversy.


The movie got objected by the Indian Psychiatric Society because of the title and posters that came out lately. Indian Psychiatric Society wrote to the filmmakers demanding that the title and the posters released should be withdrawn and should be changed instantly. The reason behind the controversy given by IPS is that it discriminates and is stigmatizing towards the people facing mental and health issues.
A report in Mirror Now says that the members of Indian Psychiatric Society have written to the Central Board of Film Certification’s chairman Prasoon Joshi on the particular issue. The society insists that the title of the film Mental Hai Kya makes a disparaging remark towards those who are suffering from mental and health problems and they cannot take the offense towards them nor have their sentiments hurt with the slang that is being used in the title of the movie. The members of the society are also concerned about the content of the movie and have asked the filmmakers to edit any scenes that would belittle and hurt the sentiments of the patients.

The movie stars Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao as lead actors. One of the posters posted by Filmfare got captioned that the Queen actress is playing the role of a voice-over artist and Stree actor is playing the role of an entrepreneur. The other poster that got released had Kangana and Rajkumar Rao holding a blade on the tongue together. The following posters give goose bumps to the audience and the movie would surely be mental.


The movie is directed by National Award winning filmmaker Prakash Kavelamudi and is being released on June 21 along with the movie Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani.

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