Kangana’s Mental is Renamed to Judgemental Hai Kya, Here is the Trailer


Mental Hai Kya, which was undergoing rigorous scrutiny from the Mental Health community over the controversial title of the film which starred Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao has renamed the movie to Judgemental Hai Kya of which the trailer got released recently. The launch or the release of the trailer was announced by the stars of the movie with a new poster release that showed the mad side of both the characters in the movie that is directed by Prakash Kovelamudi. The two stars in the movie came up together for Judgemental Hai Kya movie after five years when they were seen in their first blockbuster movie Queen in 2014. Kangana’s Mental is Renamed to Judgemental Hai Kya, Here is the Trailer.

The trailer of the movie is two and a half minute long and introduces the stars of the movie as Bobby which is played by Kangana Ranaut and Keshav which is played by Rajkummar Rao. The trailer opens with the doubt that Bobby and Keshav are the suspects for the crime. Kangana plays the role of a fast-talking, innocent, charming, unabashed, paranoid, and complex person who asylum over jail in the movie. Rajkummar plays the role of a person that is a smooth talker and has shifted his house next to the house of Bobby. Kangana playing the role of Bobby keeps a strict eye on Keshav as Bobby finds Keshav’s normal life fake.

The rest journey of the two characters gets intertwined in a mystery where each of them tries to prove that they are innocent in the said crime. Both of them also tries to prove the other character guilty which grips the viewers in the movie with different plots made by the characters against each other. The plot of the movie can be guessed by its tagline which is ‘trust no one’.

The movie revolves around two individuals who plot against each other and their lives revolve between reality and illusions. The movie is directed by Prakash Kovelmudi, is produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shailesh R Singh, and Shobha Kapoor and is written by Kanika Dhillon. The movie is set to release on the screens on 26th July.

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