Kanika Kapoor Covid 19: Reports Positive For The Fifth Time

kanika kapoor covid 19

The Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor got tested again for Covid 19 on Tuesday after getting a positive test for the fourth time on Sunday. In the fifth sample test, her reposts were positive for novel corona virus. Currently, the Baby Doll singer Kanika is admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) in Lucknow. The director of the institute in Lucknow, Dr. RK Dhiman, shared that Kanika’s condition was stable and there is nothing to worry regarding her health. He continued saying that she is taking her meals regularly on time.

The doctors at the hospital said that she would be discharged only if her two consecutive tests were negative for Covid-19. After Kanika’s fourth consecutive positive test, she on her social media handle updated her health condition on Monday, saying that she was keeping fine and nothing to worry because she is not in ICU. The singer added, saying that she was missing her family, especially her kids.

Kanika Kapoor was slammed by the public and media for being irresponsible For Covid – 19

The singer returned from London on March 9, 2020, and then traveled to Kanpur and Lucknow. She got hospitalized on March 20, 2020, after showing symptoms for novel coronavirus. As soon as it was revealed that Kanika has symptoms for the deadly virus and got diagnosed for it, she was slammed on social media and by the public for attending social events, talking to celebrities, mingling with several citizens, and hiding her health condition. She was called uneducated and irresponsible for her behavior though she knew she had such symptoms.

A netizen tweeted saying that stardom, money, and privilege does not guarantee common sense to people. The irresponsible behavior of some people can cause panic in India due to such a deadly virus. Another netizen also asked police officers to arrest her because of her reckless and horrible behavior.

Kanika, a few days after her positive test results, shared on her Instagram handle, saying that ten days ago, when she came back, she was scanned, and everything was normal. She had some cough and cold, which she thought was because of the flu. Her positive results for Covid-19 came four days ago, and her family members are entirely quarantined and are following medical procedures thoroughly.

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