Kanika Kapoor Pictures With Prince Charles : Covid-19

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Prince Charles was tested positive for Covid-19 and works from home in self-isolation in Scotland.

The Covid-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc globally in different areas. There are enough preventive health measures suggested by the health experts but still people around are in the state of panic. Many celebrities got caught by novel coronavirus. Prince Charles of Britain is the latest celebrity that was tested positive for covid-19. The 71 year old Prince got tested after he was displaying mild symptoms of novel coronavirus. He is seen self-isolating in Scotland.

A statement was out in news that was released by Clarence House on Wednesday in the morning confirming that the heir to the British throne was diagnosed with Covid-19 disease. The news continued saying that the Prince otherwise has good health but was displaying mild symptoms and got tested. The tests displayed positive and he self-isolated himself in Scotland. He has been working from home since his tests displayed positive results. Prince Charles is seen in Scotland with Dutchess of Cornwall, Camilia who is tested negative for Covid-19.

As the Prince was occupied in several social engagements in recent weeks, the royal statement ruled out the possibility of finding out that from whom did the Prince get the virus by finding high number of engagements he carried out in public during the last weeks.

Since the news came out of Prince getting positive tests of Covid-19, netizens are trolling over Kanika Kapoor infecting Prince Charles with the virus. The pictures of Prince Charles and Kanika Kapoor shaking hands and conversing together in social ceremonies are getting viral on social media.

However this is not true that Prince Charles got infected from Kanika Kapoor because the pictures that are going viral are of the royal event that was held five years ago in 2015. In the photos where Kanika is seen in her orange dress is from the event travels to my elephants which was a royal event hosted by Prince Charles and his wife Camilia, the Dutchess of Cornwall. On the related note, Prince Charles is not the first member of royal family to be tested positive for Covid-19 but Prince Albert of Monaco has also been tested positive on novel coronavirus.

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