Kareena Kapoor Khan Diwali Gift To Dietician


Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most sensational divas of Bollywood. With her killing body and sensual moves, she has established herself as successful heroin whose career is still running on with full power after marriage. However, the actress is still down to earth as it seems. On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, Do you know what Kareena Kapoor Khan has sent to her dietitian as Diwali gift that proves that Kareena knows how to hold her forts, whether it is her career or her home.Kareena Kapoor Khan Diwali Gift To Dietician.

Rujuta Diwekar is a famous celebrity dietitian and nutritionist who came in limelight after her “zero figure” diet invention. Kareena was the first celebrity who tried it for her movie and it instantly became a trend in Bollywood. However, after some years, the actress chose not to stick with her “zero figure” and within a few years, the actress looked happy and healthy all thanks to Rujuta’s effective diet plans and meal charts.


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Easy tips for a healthy heart – 1. Switch back to kacche ghani ka groundnut, mustard, til, coconut oil – retains micronutrients & delicate carbon bonds in fatty acids, helps fight free radicals that damage the heart. 2. Eat ghee in every meal – regulates postprandial blood sugar response 3. Have homemade pickle or moramba (especially of amla & other forgotten berries) or chutneys (of til/ curry patta/ flaxseed/ peanut/ garlic) – adds value to the meal and cuts down on sugar cravings & bloating 4. Exercise – 150 mins every week + atleast 1 day of strength training in the gym. Lowers resting heart rate, improves quality of life. 5. Sleep and wake up – at a fixed time every day and make time for a 20 mins nap post lunch. Improves recovery and digestion. An undervalued aspect of heart health. 6. Lastly, dil pe mat lo. Forget, forgive, forward. #worldheartday

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Since then, Rujuta has become the most favorite dietitian of Kareena as she always seeks help whenever she needs it from Rujuta. The bond between these ladies is surely strong as Kareena decided to gift her dietitian something creative and suiting her personality on this Diwali.

Yes, Kareena Kapoor gifted Rujuta homemade Moong Daal Halwa in a simple casserole and not some expensive gifts or big hampers. And as we see it, Rujuta is loving it! As the dietitian posted a picture on her social media handles and wrote a long caption that proves their love towards each other. As she mentioned that Kareena sent her homemade and fresh Moong Daal Halwa stuffed with Shakkar (sugar), Ghee and lots of love from her side.

Also, the Halwa was not packed in some attractive packaging instead, she chose to send it in a simple casserole which she needs back once Rujuta finishes the Halwa. Also, Rujuta mentioned that because of the people like Kareena, she feels rich as feelings are the true treasure for human beings.

Kareena lost her pregnancy weight very fast by following the tips and diet plans suggested by Rujuta. These two bonds tight together as Rujuta always stays put for Kareena’s health and well-being.

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