Know The Fitness Secrets of Fit Bollywood Actresses


When we look at the toned and well-shaped bodies of Bollywood actresses we think of having such body just like them. People seem eager sometimes to know the fitness secrets of Bollywood stars so that they also can get something good. But it is not easy to obtain a strict exercise and diet schedule just like them. For making people`s work easy, we are presenting the finest ideas and mantras of a few Bollywood divas to get inspired from them.

  • Deepika PadukoneOne of the most favorite actresses of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone follows a fair schedule for exercise which includes pilates, cardio, and other strength and weight training. Pranayam, meditation, yoga, and asanas are the part of her daily fitness secret. While she is busy with shotting and not able to spare the time for such exercise she does swimming, running and walking. She also likes to play badminton to stay fit with sports.
  • Kareena KapoorRemember the come back of Kareena to Bollywood after a break and introduced as having a size zero figure? Her dedication to reach that figure shows the devotion of her to fitness. She believes to stay fit in a religious manner. She spares at least two hours a day for power yoga and Surya Namaskar, Bhujangasana, Virabhadra & Bikram yoga, doesn`t matter how much busy she is with her work schedule. She is a big fan of power yoga.
  • Shilpa ShettyOne of the most fit Bollywood personality and probably the most followed celebrity for her fitness mantras. Shilpa is a fitness holistic personality of Bollywood. she is a fitness Youtuber and running her own channel dedicated to fitness and healthy diet recipes. She is a true inspiration and ideal for the women out there willing to have a slim trim body just like her. She does not only show of her fit body everywhere but she also guides people on how to stay fit like her.
  • Katrina KaifKatrina is showed up her fit body in the Chikni Chameli song. she is a concerned Bollywood personality for her fitness and to be fit she follows a regular schedule of gym, exercising and yoga as well. She practices different workouts on daily basis to be fit from every part of her body. She also does cycling twice a week. It seems she is very much aware to stay fit by giving the same importance to all the body parts for exercising.
  • Bipasha BasuThe fitness diva of Bollywood Bipasha is quite aware for her fitness. Although we are not watching Bipasha on the silver screen for a very long time the fitness industry is always having something every time from Bipasha. Even after her diagnosis of arthritis, she managed to keep the doctor away with regular exercise. She does yoga and gym on the regular basis to keep herself fit and fine.

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