Meri Paghdi Bhi Kesari , Mera Lahu Bhi Kesari : Kesari Trailer Out


Akshay Kumar’s much-awaited film “Kesari”, first trailer released on 21st March 2019. The actor will be playing the character of a Sikh warrior, and his dialogue in the trailer gives goosebumps when he says Meri Paghdi Bhi KESARI, Mera Lahu Bhi KESARI: Kesari Trailer out.
The action sequences in the film are directed by the famous stunt coordinator of Hollywood, Lawrence Woodward who is famous for his best performance in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road(2015). The film is directed by Anurag Singh and produced under Dharma Productions, and is Akshay Kumar’s first collaboration with Karan Johar.

The backdrop of the film is based on the book written by GurinderPal Singh Josan named “The Epic Battle Of Saragarhi”. Further, the director said that the book was a great source as the writer has researched on the topic for 25 years and then had given it the form of a book. Also, GurinderPal Singh Josan was able to locate the families of all 21 martyrs and has visited them also. Hence, the book has enough proof to be talking about the truth.

The film depicts the epic story of 21 Sikh soldiers fighting against 10,000 Afghani Invaders. Akshay Kumar is playing the role of Havildar Ishwar Singh who led the 21 soldiers to battle with the invaders. Also, the trailer gives a highlight of romance being cooked between Pariniti Chopra and Akshay Kumar on-screen. Hence, the conclusion leads to Pariniti playing an important role as Akshay’s love interest in the film.

The trailer depicts many moments of battle where we can experience ourselves as the Sikh soldier fighting against the enemies and gives goosebumps. Also, Akshay has proved himself once again by playing all the stunts and action sequences by himself and has led people to say that Age is just a number for him. The trailer is being praised for its extraordinary and real looking action sequences, to which the director passes all the credit to the stunt coordinator and his method of researching thoroughly on the topic and then planning the sequences.

The film is surely worth a watch, is all that we can say after watching the trailer. Previously, Akshay Kumar had released the teasers of the movie which had already built a lot of buzz around it and now, the trailer has left all of us in awe and the audiences and fans are eagerly waiting for the film to be released. The film is scheduled to be released on March 21, 2019.
Watch the trailer:

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