Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli Breakup News – Neha Accept She Suffering From Depression


Well-known Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar’s budding relationship with actor Himansh Kohli started becoming famous around the Valentine Week when both of them posted their enchanting pictures of celebrating Hug day and Kiss day together on their social media handles. And later the singer confessed her love for him on the show “Indian Idol-Season 10” and both set themselves as ultimate couple goals but recently Neha Kakkar and himansh Kohli confirm breakup on Instagram with posting stories.

But just after 3 months of their confession of love for each other, both unfollowed each other on Instagram and there began the doom of their relationship. Referred as Nehansh by their fans, this duo ended their relationship with the end of the year 2018. In support of the rumors, Neha has also deleted many of the couple photos of her and Himansh from her Instagram handle and also have posted a few stories indicating the pain of heartbreak being suffered from this. It is to note that they both had starred in the video of the song “O Hamsafar” together before the rumors of their breakup spread.

Post the breakup news of Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli,

She posted a series of Instagram stories depicting the pain she is suffering from.

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Recently, it has been revealed by a trusted source that the singer and judge of the show “Indian Idol” had broken down on the show when one of the contestants sang an emotional song and was not able to gather herself rapidly. Also, she is currently doing a tour of India performing concerts, when in Ahmedabad she was seen breaking down singing one of her hit song “Maahi Ve” which she dedicated to the nursing broken heart. Clearly, the breakup has affected not just her heart but has also left its claw marks on her soul.

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Describing her heart-rending condition on Instagram, the singer confessed she is suffering from depression on this Friday. In her Instagram stories, she also stated that being a celebrity requires them being 2 faced persons: one for professional life and one for a personal life. However, they are still a human being. As she had revealed her true feelings to all, many have been saying bad things about her and her carrier after their breakup. The singer also pleaded through her cryptic story on Instagram, to leave her alone and not to demotivate her by saying negative things about her.

Video: Watch Neha Kakkar having an emotional moment at a live concert in Ahmedabad

Between all this, the Yaariyan actor Himansh is focusing on staying positive. He has been spotted in London trying to catch positive vibes with keeping mum on this buzzing topic of their breakup.

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