Nush x Chacha Chaudhary: Anushka to Launch Her Favorite Comic Collection


Bollywood actress Anushka owns her clothing brand ‘NUSH’ and has recently launched a new collection, Nush x Chacha Chaudhary: Anushka to launch her favorite comic collection. Anushka is one of the amazingly versatile actors of Bollywood but along with that, she is also an entrepreneur who has brand name NUSH. And the present generation actress has recently launched a new collection, “Chacha Chaudhary” which brought back the ’90s era through fashion. Anushka expects that her newly launched collection should repeat the same success which she bagged at the time of the ‘Suppandi’ line.

The character of ‘Chacha Chaudhary’ will no longer be limited to comic strips as it all set to reach the wardrobe of people who love the character of the comic. Anushka has a great love for the comic character ‘Chacha Chaudhary’ and hence she brought up the same theme to the fashion industry with her clothing brand, NUSH. Her new line of clothes has made the way in the new collection, she had shared various images and videos on social media account representing the same brand.

Talking about her ambitions to launch the new collection under her brand, ‘Nush’ Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actress revealed that she wants to put popular Indian comic character, ‘Chacha Chaudhary’ on the global map. Speaking more about the same she said, “She used to read Chacha Chaudhary comics throughout her school days. She always used to get lost in the world of the Chacha and Sabu who was the partner of Chacha, both of them used to solve interesting cases, every single day. And she wants to bring back the cult nostalgia of the 90s.”

Adding to her statement Anushka said, “She wants to present Chacha Chaudhary’s story in the most pop-culture way through fashion. Before the advent of the computer, there was extremely popular Indian detective Chacha Chaudhary, Chacha’s brain was sharper than a needle and faster than a computer, so she wants this collection to relive Chacha’s genius.”

Anushka continued saying, “homegrown comics and famous heroes were an essential part of most of the children brought up in India during the 1990s and thus they want to present this collection to the world which relieves the coolness of the era which have passed. After Suppandi, she is very happy to welcome Chacha Chaudhary’s collection into the ‘Nush’ family.”

A source that is closed to Anushka also shared saying, “NUSH is an Indian clothing brand that is made a special place in all the Indian hearts. And from the upcoming Fall-Winter collection, Anushka Sharma wants to popularise the famous comic book character ‘Chacha Chaudhary’ and his partner ‘Sabu’ with the current generation. Anushka plans to launch this collection as she wants that the young generation should read and discover the iconic detective and should make him popular again in today’s age and day.”

Anushka Sharma launched her famous fashion label ‘Nush’ with Suditi industries in 2017. The collection of the brand is available at Myntra and other shoppers stop across India.

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