Sad News for Modi Lovers, Modi Biopic is Banned Until Elections

Image Source: Legend Global Studios

Lok Sabha elections 2019 were to start on April 11, banned Modi Biopic because of elections. Sad News for Modi lovers, Modi Biopic is Banned until Elections. The Bollywood biopic of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to be released on 11th April that got banned due to the rules of Election Commission of India till the end of the elections.
Exercising the powers under Article 324 of the Constitution, the Election Commission of India said that any biopic that intrudes the election level cannot be displayed on electronic media. The biopic got banned a day before the release of the movie which was coinciding with the start of the Lok Sabha elections. The Election committee also says that in case of any complaints raised regarding the ban, a panel headed by retired Supreme court or High court judge would examine it.

The film in which the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was played by Vivek Oberoi is a story of past moments of Narendra Modi. Past moments include selling tea on railways as a child, a person on the Himalayas as a teen and leading the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to victory on polls in 2014.

Few days before the opposition party raised a plea asking for the delay in releasing the biopic. It should be delayed because it would contravene the country’s election laws said Congress party. The filmmakers say that there are no instances of elections in the movie. The movie revolves around the independent artists influenced by the lifestyle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There is no content that involves election which can be banned under the model code of conduct.

The first phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 starts from April 11 and it continues till March 19, the last and the seventh phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Counting of votes would be held on the 25th of May. The Election commission has asked to release the movie once the elections are over.

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