Salman Khan Appreciation for Shah Rukh Khan for Saving Woman from Fire


“Hero Woh Hota Hai Jo Aag Mein Kood Ke, Bhuja Ke, Bachaata Hai.”, Salman Khan Appreciation for Shah Rukh Khan for saving woman from fire. Bollywood has witnessed the friendship of Salman and Shahrukh as these both adorably match each other and are often seen expressing over actions of each other. While the Romance King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is seen jumping off from the roofs of buildings, diving in mysterious waters, fighting villains and even fire to save the heroin, his recent actions in real-life proved him as a real hero.

At a recent Diwali Bash at Bachchan’s, many big stars of Bollywood were present and Shah Rukh attended the function with his wife, Gauri Khan. However, the party, unfortunately, ended with a disastrous situation as the lehenga of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s manager Archana caught fire at the 3 AM of 28th October because of the Diya.

According to reports, Archana was with her daughter in the courtyard while her lehenga caught fire from a Diya lit near her and the people around were stunned because of the incident and were unable to act or say anything. However, Shah Rukh Khan showed his presence of mind and immediately rushed to her and started putting out the fire from her lehenga with his jacket. The fire was at last put out but Archana suffered from burns all over her hand and right leg and was taken to the hospital immediately. While putting out the fire, Shah Rukh also had some burns and injuries on his hands but he kept his focus on putting out the fire.

And as the incident went viral in public, Twitter started praising Shah Rukh for his bravery and amongst all, Salman’s post for his beloved friend also impressed viewers. Salman posted a short clip from one of the Shah Rukh Khan’s songs “Manwa Laage” from Happy New Year and in the background, Salman voiced over his compliment for him.


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While the hospital staff has declined from stating out the condition of Archana, she is kept in ICU as her leg and hand have suffered 15% of fire burns. However, Shah Rukh’s condition is still unknown. Not only Salman, many other celebrities of Bollywood appreciated his concern and presence of mind at the time of the incident. Farah Khan posted following on her Twitter account:

Salman is currently busy in the promotions of his upcoming movie “Dabangg 3” directed by Prabhu Deva while Shah Rukh Khan was recently seen attending the one-hour interview on Netflix named “My Next Guest” by David Letterman, a famous talk show host.

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