Salman Khan Strong Message On COVID-19 Goes Viral Over Social Media.

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan on Wednesday shared a video on social media about the spread of novel coronavirus. He shared a powerful message and expressed his disappointment and anguish at the people who were violating the rules of lockdown and pelting stones at the hospital workers and police officers who are staking their lives to save ours.

The Bharat actor is currently staying in his Panvel farmhouse and urges everyone to abide by the guidelines that are laid by the government to contain the spread of deadly viruses. He also praises the efforts of all those who are working fearlessly on the frontlines. Bollywood’s Bhai Salman Khan channeled himself as Bigg Boss host persona at the beginning of the video that he shared on social media and said, “Bigg Boss is not starting, this is life’s Bigg Boss going on. Some people are violating the rules of lockdown. I have come here for a two day holiday, but Corona has sent everyone on holiday.”

He continued saying that initially, everyone thought that it was the flu and would get over it in a few days, and everyone would be back to their work, but when there was lockdown, it was dangerous, and everyone had to take it seriously to make the situation stable.

Salman Khan Also Talks About Jokers Pelting Stones On Doctors and Police.

Salman Khan came across the news about some people pelting stones on doctors and police officers to which he gave a powerful message explaining about the gravity of COVID-19 and the importance of lockdown and respecting the doctors and the police officers. He shared the message saying that there are jokers pelting stones on the most respectful people who are saving our lives, and there are those kinds of people too who are tested positive on coronavirus and run from the hospital. Salman asked them the question of where they were running and to whom. Do they know that they are going towards life or death? Do they know that if doctors who are curing their lives in the hospital and police officers who are patrolling on roads wouldn’t do their work, then many Indians would have got affected by such jokers?

He felt pity for doctors and police officers because such lifesavers are suffering from coronavirus because of the stupid people who do not understand the importance of lockdown. Salman Khan ended his video saying that there are always two routes in life, this time, one route is life, and the other is death. It is upon you to decide.

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