Sussanne Khan ‘s sister Revealed Her Tests Negative For COVID-19

sussanne khan sister

With the rapid spread of novel coronavirus, there is panic and uncertainty around the globe. Amid the stress and tension of COVID-19 pandemic, a feeling of relief and assurance is necessary. That is what was experienced by Farah Khan, sister of Sussanne Khan and daughter of Sanjay Khan. Farah Khan, who is a jewelry designer, left everyone scared and shocked when she revealed that a house helper tested positive on Tuesday. After the results, the entire family went under self-isolation. She also said that the coronavirus positive tested staff is moved and has provided facilities, and every family member has got checked and tested.

On Thursday, Farah Khan took to Twitter to express her feelings of joy when she got her COVID-29 results negative. She thanked the Almighty and hoped that others suffering from the same gets healed soon. She added to her post, saying that more than testing negative, she had the best feeling when she saw the relieved faces of her children, other family members, and in-house staff who have been working with her for the last ten years. Farah, in her post, termed this feeling to be ‘priceless’ and said that ‘happiness is contagious.’

Sussane Khan Sister ‘s in-house staff got tested for coronavirus positive on Tuesday

Farah Khan recently on her Twitter handle tweeted that one of her in-house staff got tested positive. She continued saying that her family members have undergone tests and will be in self-isolation as the precautionary measures. Her tweet said, “COVID news spreads faster than the virus, an in-house staff of mine tested positive today and so am moving him to a facility. Have all tested at home today as well and are going to be quarantined. Be safe yet strong. This, too, shall pass.” B-town celebs on this post of Farah Khan flooded with comments in the comments section giving her the sympathy she needed in the tough time.

Recently Sussanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife, got temporarily shifted in with Hrithik till the lockdown ended. Hrithik shared a post thanking his ex-wife and said that she has been very supportive during the tough times and understood their journey of co-parenting. He added, saying that their children will tell the story they create for them and prayed for courage during panic and uncertainty.

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