The Lucky Mascot For all Bollywood Movies: Atif Aslam

  • A movie with a song of Atif Aslam is like the guarantee of success. Who doesn`t like that versatile voice of this young singer? But he is at this hight where currently he is after a lot of struggle. The star named Atif is currently shining in the streets of Bollywood singing. It won’t be an exaggeration if we call him a Legendary singer. The melodious songs of playing anywhere catch the attention and it might even make you murmur it along. That is the effect of the great singing of this great singer.

  • The combo of the words of his song and voice can even make you cry sometimes. That is the power of his voice and the words of his song. Atif is basically a Pakistani singer who started his career as a singer in Pakistan and then after he came to Bollywood and gave a number of successful songs in his sweet voice. He formed a band named ‘Jal’ in the starting days of his career. His debut album ‘Jal Pari’ launched in 2004 which made him noticed and loved by everyone.

  • Today the scenario is like most of the time the directors are willing to have at least one song of Atif in their movie. The charm of him is still on the hight just like the time of his launch. He has sung numbers songs in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and even in Bengali also. Talking about his personal life, this handsome singer married his longtime girlfriend and educationist Sara Bharwana in 2013 and this sweet couple blessed by a son in 2014.

  • After winning so many awards and honors from India and Pakistan this Bollywood singer is still down to earth and performing from his heart in every single concert and shows of him. His contribution in the Pakistani and Indian singing industry is peerless. No one will be able to take place of him even after the decades when he will stop singing. We can just wish to have more and more songs from this Legendary singer.

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