Virat – A fitness Inspiration for The Genext


Virat seems an inspiration fitness phenomenon for the next generation out there. He is a fitness freak of course but he doesn`t even forget to inspire the fans of him to stay fit. A regularly followed fitness schedule and a fitness-friendly diet must be a secret of his fitness. What actually makes him such an aware guy for his fitness? In a recent interview with one top media house of the county, he said, “It makes you feel good about yourself”. His words are enough to understand everything about him and his love for keeping himself fitness cricket player.

The diet is the most interesting part while people heard about the fitness of celebs. And it is mostly searched instead of the yoga or fitness props of popular personalities. What does Virat eat to stay fit? Roasted chana is his favorite items to chew while he is on the field. On any other day, he focuses on protein-rich diet. A big no will always be there when it comes to eating junk food. He mostly prefers homecooked, healthy and organic food. Soups, Salads, and lightly-sautéed Veggies are something which you will always find on Virat`s dinner table.

He does lots of workouts throughout a day to keep his body toned enough especially while he is not on the field. Being an energetic young sportsman he focuses on the legs and strengthening his back and does the workouts for it. His main focus remains of the exercises which would ultimately help to target two goals – getting perfect experience which can help during the field times and keep the body in shape. Weight lifting, power running at short intervals using treadmill and bike sets consumes most of his exercise time. While when he is going to play in the game in a short time he focuses on maintaining the fitness and stamina.

Who else can be an ideal role model for the youngsters? Being such aware of personal health and keeping people aware of their fitness that might not be an easy task. Let us hope that people keep working out in gyms and inspire us with his fitness.

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