Way to Go Girls, Sonakshi Sinha Raised Voice on Body Shaming


Sonakshi Sinha is known for her bold and beautiful nature that opposes every single injustice by raising her voice higher and louder. Again, the actress proved herself “Dabangg” by talking on the issue that is increasingly gaining importance way to go girls, Sonakshi Sinha raised voice on body shaming. The actress has lost significant weight for her Bollywood debut and has made a remarkable journey for the person she is today. However, the trolls never leave Bollywood celebs behind and Sonakshi is not in the mood of just letting go.

Recently, the actress shared a video named “Biggerthanthem” on her social media handles where she talked openly about all the body-shaming she has faced and she has been facing for a while. The video starts by Sonakshi reading out some of the trolls that read “Motakshi Sinha”, “fatso”, “Auntyji”, “Cow on the Catwalk” and whatnot. The actress was also advised to not to raise her voice against which she fiercely replied with all her guts and talked about how the victim fills when such behavior is observed.

In the video, Sonakshi is seen describing trolls as someone who has lots of free time to sit and judge others while they themselves are not capable of achieving anything. Their intention is to make others feel numb, angry or hurt but most of them now have understood their purpose and they just laugh it off as they are bigger than them.

The actress also added that she considers whatever she is today is the best of herself. She puts herself at the number 1 place while not caring of what others think or say to her. She also said that even after her shading off 30 kgs or weight, people are still calling her names, then there is no need to give them any importance as she will not hide her weight, her curves, and her image.

This is not the first time the actress has slammed the trolls against her. Because of being a public figure, these celebrities often come across such problems and are trolled often. However, as Sonakshi concluded her video, she fiercely slammed the trollers by saying, “Sonakshi Sinha Kabhi Nahi Hogi Khaamosh”.

Sonakshi’s last movie was “Khandaani Shafakhana” starring Badshah and Varun Sharma with her. And Sonakshi currently has her film “Dabangg 3” from the Dabangg franchise on the tracks while the first trailer and teaser of the movie has been released. The actress is seen playing the role of Salman Khan’s wife in the movie. This video quickly became viral on social media as it gained millions of views and shares in just 24 hours.

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